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The George C. Askew Award

This award is given to those who are acknowledged for demonstrating exemplary work in the completion of their projects while pursuing their certification. This award is named for George C. Askew, recognized as the first person to receive CPM certification (by virtue of his last name) at the first graduation ceremony in Georgia in 1976. Askew was a leader at both the local and national levels in the early days of the organizations. This award is presented by each state’s program to one CPM participants in the program. The award is given to at the National Conference annually. The medallion awarded each recipient reads, “For the utilization of management practices exemplifying the philosophy of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers in the completion of an exceptional curriculum project.”


1998 – Renee Scales, Department of Rehabilitation Services

1999 – John T. Craig, State Fire Academy

2000 – Betty Ash, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, “A Supervisor’s Guide – Conducting New Employee Orientation”

2001 - Michelle Eubanks and Michael Sumner, Dept. of Corrections, "Project CATCH - (Choosing Activities that Create Healthiness)"

2002 - Tina Wilkins and Jane Woosley, Information Technology Services, "Online Letters of Configuration: LOC to Web Pilot"

2003 - Clint Ashley and Gwen Kelly, South MS State Hospital, "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Patient Safety"

2004 - Mark Johnson, Secretary of State, "Pilot Project for a Multisource Assessment as a PAR Supplement"

2005 - Mark Holley, MDOT, "QC Data Migration Tool and Format"

2006 - Skip King, MDOT, "Recruitment and Retention Program for Right of Way Agents in the Relocation Section of MDOT's Right of Way Division"

2007 - Ann Glazar, East MS State Hospital, "Policy Management Review"

2008 - Jeff Wheeler, MDOT, "Electronic Invoices for Payment"

2009 - Vickey Maddox, Dept. of Health, "Revision of Minimum Standards of Operation for Hospice"

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