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2017 Society Board Members Duties and Responsibilities

Elizabeth Luper, CPM

The President schedules and presides at all meetings, regular and special and is responsible for enforcing the Constitution and By-laws. He/she appoints committee chairmen and serves on the Certified Public Manager Advisory Board. He/she coordinates activities and responsibilities with other board members and coordinates and assists with budgetary processes.


Charles Husband, CPM 
President Elect

The President Elect shall assist the President, shall preside in the absence of the President, and shall automatically advance to the office of President in the following fiscal year. In the event the President cannot serve the full, appointed term, the President Elect shall succeed to the presidency and shall serve until the next regular election of officers. The President Elect shall chair the Program Committee.


Malika Logan, CPM

The Secretary shall receive and care for all documents belonging to the Society, notify each member of the time and place of each meeting, be custodian of these Bylaws and have them available for each regular meeting of the Society, maintain appropriate files, records, and correspondence, and assure that the permanent records of the organization are maintained. In the event of the absence of the President and President Elect at any meeting, the Secretary shall act as President and shall appoint another member to act as Secretary.


Barbara Taylor, CPM

The Treasurer shall receive and account for all funds belonging to the Society, collect dues and dispense any monies necessary to conduct the business of the Society, provide an annual financial statement to the Board and the membership, and keep a list of all members of the Society showing their names, current addresses, employing agency, date of receipt of certification or designation, and status of membership. The books of the society shall be open at all times. The Treasurer shall make the books for audit as directed by the President or the Board of Directors.


Jonathan Chaney, CPM Member-at-Large (Membership)

The Member-at-Large (Membership) attends and votes at Executive Board meetings. Individual disseminates membership applications and makes presentations about the Society at CPM sessions as determined by the CPM Program Director. Individual creates and issues invoices to members for renewal. Individual compiles membership information, creating membership directory and provides assistance to President with creation and distribution of Membership Packet. Individual maintains a membership database. Individual creates and maintains e-mail notification program.


Margaret Cooper, CPM
Member-at-Large (Marketing)

The Member-at-Large (Marketing/Publications) attends and votes at Executive Board meetings. Individual serves as Chairman of the Marketing Committee and develops a marketing plan for the year outlining efforts to market the Society to CPM program participants and promote the program and Society to the general public. Individual maintains inventory control and accountability of marketing merchandise with reports to the Board. Individual coordinates the publishing of the Mississippi Manager newsletter. Individual coordinates the purchase, storage, and presentation of CPM graduation gifts with the President. Individual works to increase the active membership of the Society by developing methods for recruiting members.

Susan King, CPM  Member-at-Large (Training)

The Member-at Large (Training) attends and votes at Executive Board meetings. Individual coordinates all decisions on annual training with the President-Elect and assists or coordinates in all stages of program organization, budget and speaker communication. Individual develops annual training publicity documents, coordinating their duplication and distribution. Individual serves as the Society’s primary contact with conference/training site representatives. Individual recommends committee responsibilities and assists meeting committees with volunteer recruitment.


Shondra Houseworth, CPM                           CPM Program Director

Ex-Officio Member The CPM Program Director provides pertinent information concerning the CPM program and the status of participants who are MSCPM members. Only Ex-Official members who are also Active or Associate Society members may vote.


Yolonda Lowe, CPM
Past President

The Past President attends and votes at Executive Board meetings. He/she assists the current board with transition issues. He/she chairs the Nominations/Election Committee and ensures that annual officer elections are held.


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