When was the Mississippi Society of Certified Public Managers (MSCPM) formed?
The MSCPM organized, developed a constitution and bylaws, elected officers and incorporated in September of 1992.


What are the levels of membership?
Active-any member certified as a Certified Public Manager (CPM).

Associate-any member certified as a Certified Supervisory Manager (CSM).

Honorary-any member interested in the purpose and objectives of the Society, nominated by a voting member receiving a majority of affirming votes at any duly called meeting.


How much does it cost?
Dues are set at $15 for retirees from state government and $35 for both Active and Associate membership. Honorary membership is free.


Can I vote and run for office?
Each Active and Associate Member will have one vote on matters brought before membership. Active members are eligible to hold all officer positions. Associate members are eligible to hold all officer positions except those of President, President-Elect, and Treasurer. Honorary members can not vote or hold office.